Authorizations API

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Creating, deleting and listing authorizations. Wraps GitHub Authorizations API.

List all authorizations.

$authorizations = $github->api('authorizations')->all();

Get a single authorization

$authorization = $github->api('authorizations')->show(1);

Create an authorization

$data = array(
    'note' => 'This is an optional description'

$authorization = $github->api('authorizations')->create($data);

Creates and returns an authorization.

Update an authorization

You can update note.

$data = array(
    'note' => 'This is new note'

$authorization = $github->api('authorizations')->update(1234, $data);

Delete an authorization

$authorization = $github->api('authorizations')->remove(1234);

Check an authorization

$authorization = $github->api('authorizations')->check(1234, 'token');