Customize php-github-api and testing

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Configure the http client

Wanna change, let's say, the http client User Agent?

$client->getHttpClient()->setOption('user_agent', 'My new User Agent');

See all available options in Github/HttpClient/HttpClient.php

Inject a new http client instance

php-github-api provides a curl-based implementation of a http client. If you want to use your own http client implementation, inject it to the Github\Client instance:

use Github\HttpClient\HttpClient;

// create a custom http client
class MyHttpClient extends HttpClient
    public function request($url, array $parameters = array(), $httpMethod = 'GET', array $headers = array())
        // send the request and return the raw response

Your http client implementation may not extend Github\HttpClient\HttpClient, but only implement Github\HttpClient\HttpClientInterface.

You can now inject your http client through Github\Client#setHttpClient() method:

$client = new Github\Client();
$client->setHttpClient(new MyHttpClient());

Run Test Suite

The code is unit tested, there are also some functional tests. To run tests on your machine, from a CLI, run

$ phpunit