Repo / Releases API

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This Github API Endpoint is currently undocumented because it's new, but works just fine.

List all releases

$releases = $client->api('repo')->releases()->all('twbs', 'bootstrap');

List one release

$release = $client->api('repo')->releases()->show('twbs', 'bootstrap', $id);

Create a release

$release = $client->api('repo')->releases()->create('twbs', 'bootstrap', array('tag_name' => 'v1.1'));

Edit a release

$release = $client->api('repo')->releases()->edit('twbs', 'bootstrap', $id, array('name' => 'New release name'));

Remove a release

This works, but isn't thoroughly tested, use at your own risk.

$response = $client->api('repo')->releases()->remove('twbs', 'bootstrap', $id);